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The gaffe-prone Josep Borrell has repeatedly embarrassed the EU, according to the outlet

The European Union’s foreign policy head, Josep Borrell, was “honored” on Tuesday with a “Borat award for diplomacy” from Politico EU, for what the outlet called a history of “diplomatic ineptitude” on the job.

Borrell “never misses an opportunity to put his foot in his mouth,” said the Axel Springer-owned outlet, which described the Spaniard last month as having “a history of making gaffes.”

His “tendency to make problematic off-the-cuff statements” has reportedly led to speculation in Madrid that he was banished – rather than promoted – to the post of the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in December 2019.

By way of example, Politico EU offered Borrell’s praise of Ecuador’s presidential election as “peaceful” after one of the candidates was assassinated and his February 2022 announcement that Brussels would be sending Ukraine fighter jets – something that would only happen much later.

According to Politico, Borrell appears intent to offer “daily reminders of his diplomatic ineptitude,” such as criticizing Israel in the aftermath of the October 7 Hamas incursion or telling reporters the bloc had agreed on the need for a ceasefire – only to be contradicted by other EU officials.

The anti-award was named after Borat, a character created by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen as an ex-Soviet, anti-Semitic caricature.

In addition to Borrell, Politico EU backhanded European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for “best performance by a German pretending to be president of Europe.”

According to the outlet, Von der Leyen has been thwarted in her attempts to wield and project power by Borrell and European Council President Charles Michel, who have repeatedly muscled in on her turf. 

Moreover, it was “so unfair” that the media have been trying to “get their grubby hands” on the text messages von der Leyen exchanged with the CEO of Pfizer during negotiations to buy millions of Covid-19 vaccines, Politico EU added. 

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