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Letter to the Editor

Labor’s proposed Australia Card had nothing on this freedom sapping facial recognition enslavement legislation, global corporations and central banks are forcing onto us through their politician enforcers, that to my understanding we can’t opt out of, as we could with their myGov health records.

They will lawfully be able to follow us every where by our dumb phones, and CCTV’s popping up everywhere, some that are capable of listening in on our conversations while we have a coffee with friends.

Now they have signed us up to the UN COP28 UAE Declaration on Climate and Health, on any unelected United Nations Government response to a perceived pandemic or climate emergency, they will be able to lock us down at their leisure, like they scared people into with Covid, to control where, when and how far we can move, when and what we communicate, how much fuel we can purchase and penalise us for non- compliance with enforcement of their global book on Rules of Law.

Parliament showed their hand again when going into meltdown, screaming for inquiries into the 12 hours Optus outage, yet understandably voted against a self incriminating independent Senate Inquiry into the more than 30,000 dead Australians in 2021-2022 in excess of the 2015-2019 Australian Bureau of Statistics five years average benchmark.

Functional communication networks are crucial for their Digital ID API Layer enslavement platform followed by their programmable Central Bank Digital Currency plugin legislations, where our purchases, payments and penalties for noncompliance will be deducted automatically from our privileged, regulated digital central bank wallet.

What will we do without cash when their blockchain with all our stored information is hacked and crashed?

2020 the year influenza went on holiday and Covid took its place, at the most dangerous time in a pandemic, there were no people dropping dead in the streets, no excess dead Australians reflected in the statistics, and plastic currency was forced onto us in selected shops and internet purchases made possible by a politicians mandate (offer of a lockdown contract), that people accepted.

As Member for Mirani Stephen Andrew said,

“It is crucial that the Committee receives a tidal wave of submissions and feedback opposing the introduction of these bills, otherwise their passage through parliament will become a fait accompli.”

Urging the public to make a submission, Mr. Andrew said: “I know it’s Christmas and everyone is burnt out politically for the year, but this issue is vitally important … Don’t let them succeed! … Tell the Senate Standing Committee on Economics to reject the Digital ID Bill 2023.”

From Pete


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