Pentagon Granted Ability to Weaponize ChatGPT as OpenAI Alters Terms of Service, Allowing Military Applications


Whoa, hold up – did you catch the news about OpenAI’s policy shift? They’ve basically given the green light for the Pentagon to potentially weaponize ChatGPT. Now, that’s some serious government overreach in the AI realm.

So, The Intercept spills the beans, revealing that OpenAI quietly dropped the ban on using its tech for military purposes. Weapons development and warfare are no longer off the table. Sounds like a plot twist, right?

OpenAI’s spokesperson jumps in, talking about “national security use cases” and cozying up to DARPA for some cybersecurity action. But let’s not kid ourselves – when the door to military applications opens, it’s not just about cybersecurity tools.

Sure, ChatGPT won’t be the one pulling the trigger, but it could become a tool for intelligence analysis and who knows what else. The real question here is how far is too far when it comes to the government pushing the boundaries with AI? It’s a slippery slope, and we’re all sliding down together.

via headlineusa:

“The artificial intelligence firm OpenAI has stealthily removed prohibitions on using its technology for military purposes—a move that may pave the way for the Pentagon to weaponize programs such as ChatGPT, the popular tool that mimics human conversation.

The Intercept reported on Friday that OpenAI had deleted two days earlier a ban on “activity that has high risk of physical harm, including,” specifically, “weapons development” and “military and warfare.”

An OpenAI spokesperson told The Intercept that the AI company wants to pursue certain “national security use cases that align with our mission.” The spokesperson reportedly cited a plan to create “cybersecurity tools” with DARPA, and that “the goal with our policy update is to provide clarity and the ability to have these discussions.”

The Intercept noted that none of OpenAI’s current public technologies could be used directly to kill someone. However, programs such as ChatGPT can be useful for intelligence analysis, logistics and numerous other purposes.”

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