Nothing will save the Qld Labor Party. Useless masks return to hospitals –


After weeks of media speculation and a push from the Labor backroom boys Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk resigned today and will finish up in a week.

During a media conference dealing with an imminent cyclone which is expected to hit the Far Northern Queensland coastline on Wednesday, the Premier dropped the resignation bomb, which was not unexpected.

Dr Steven Miles, Palaszczuk’s choice of replacement

Pressure from unions and back room deals forced the Premier to resign. Her choice of replacement is the factional, hopeless Deputy Steven Miles. He portrays a good poor bugger, but in his previous roles of Environment Minister then Health Minister he was worse than incompetent, and as one disgruntled parks and wildlife officer told Cairns News several years ago, Miles is as “silly as a wheel….”

Following other state Labor Premiers, Mark McGowan of Western Australia, Dan Andrews from Victoria, Tasmanian Peter Gutwein, and the unhinged Michael Gunner of the NT, the demise of Labor Premiers continues.

Two other former Liberal Premiers, Steven Marshall of South Australia and NSW MP Dominic Perrottet are both tipped to resign from parliament in the near future.

It seems the tide is turning against the socialists of Labor which have been running the communist United Nations Agenda 30 and the WHO Covid vaccination offensive against Australians and shutting down reliable electricity supplies, taking the cost of living to unprecedented heights.

The Labor UN alliance fortunately for Australians has begun unravelling but the party apparatus will not back off its depopulation and de-industrialisation Net Zero plans and to a lesser extent a similar plan of the Liberals.

Australia will continue to be a quarry for the world, particularly China whose appetite for non-renewable iron ore and bauxite nearly outstrips supply. There will be no establishment of secondary industries anywhere in Australia.

The Queensland election is due in October next year but nothing will save the ALP as disenchanted voters across the mortgage belt are forced to sell or abandon their homes because home interest rate rises coupled with the unprecedented high cost of living are forcing families onto the street.

Today Queensland hospitals have begun their mandatory masks program yet again as thousands of Covid vaxx victims succumb to the deadly mRNA Covid vaccination program enforced by bribed politicians, health bureaucrats and lying doctors since 2020.

All for a non-existent virus. More incredible is the testing regime using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) of dangerous nose swabs which the US manufacturer, the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) removed from the market two years ago because it was unfit for purpose.

Unfortunately the corrupt election process, the two-party preferred voting system used by the Australian Electoral Commission will ensure Tweedledumb Liberals take office.

The ALP’s voting fraud rolled out at every election will not be sufficient to save themselves.

It will be used however with effect against independents and smaller parties such as One Nation and Katters Australian Party both of which will barely hold the seats they have already.

Status quo will remain. The only way to save Australia: DO NOT COMPLY!

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