MSNBC Looks at Biden’s Final Approval Numbers for 2023 and it’s All Bad News for Democrats (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Over the weekend, MSNBC looked at Biden’s approval rating for the end of the year and the news should have Democrats nervous.

The far left network compared Biden’s numbers to Trump’s at this point and the four previous presidents and Biden has the lowest numbers. When MSNBC is predicting doom for a Democrat president, you know things have to be bad.

It’s also important to note that Biden’s numbers are in the gutter despite having the full support of the media, Hollywood, and academia.

RedState reports:

Steve Kornacki, MSNBC’s national political correspondent, meticulously explained how NBC’s final Biden presidency tracking poll of the year compares with those of other presidents heading into this reelection year. Spoiler: Biden’s numbers sucked at record levels…

Kornacki specifically pointed out that Biden heads into his reelection year with a lower approval rating than both Donald Trump and George H.W. Bush, both of whom lost their reelection bids.

Joe Biden seems poised to be the Democratic nominee. What kind of year is he had politically? Well, again, he started 2023 coming off those good midterms for Democrats and his approval rating of 46/50 wasn’t that bad, but he’s taken a hit this year.

And as we start to close out the year, our final NBC poll had him at just 40% approval, 57% disapproval. How does this compare to past presidents entering the reelection year? Here? You can see it. Here’s the 40 that we have Biden at right now. These are all the final polls heading into the election year, a reelection year that NBC conducted.

You just see all the reason President Trump got beat in 2020. He was at 44 heading into his reelection year. Bush Sr. got beat in 92. He was at 52 and heading south rapidly there.

But you see how that number compares. That’s the lowest. That’s the lowest in an NBC poll for an incumbent facing a reelection here.

Watch the clip below:

The idea that Biden is a terrible president seems to have entered the public’s mind. Even people on the left seem disappointed. That’s good news for Republicans and Trump.

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