Militant Murri band ruins new year’s eve celebration at Sydney –


ABC Sydney’s new year’s eve blackfella showcase with a squawking mob trying to play musical instruments and screaming a racially charged monologue screwed up what could have been a pleasant celebration for families.

This wanna be blackfella rap band called ‘three percent’ slams Australians for voting ‘no’ to the Voice to Parliament, calls them ‘sick’ and says the country is going ‘backwards’.

Instead the woke, pandering ABC presenters and producers of the show upset those present as well as the few thousand viewers who had the misfortune to tune in to a corroboree gone wrong.

The 9pm Calling Country fireworks was presented by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists through music, dance and art, with a welcome to Country ceremony preceding the exhibit.

Upset parents took to social media complaining the lead-in to the Calling Country fireworks display was not appropriate for children.

Bets are on that the phantom ABC Chairman Ita Butrose was not in the audience. This shock behaviour by the ABC triggered even more public animosity towards the respectable half of genuine indigenous people and those white people claiming to be blackfellas.

ABC programmers obviously under instruction from the (communist) UN Rights of the Indigenous people policies have no relationship with reality after the defining referendum result.

The elite blackfellas running with their sanctimonious ‘bridge the gap’ mantra, as agents for the BLM movement have finally realized the gap will never be closed, thanks to their militant Marxist comments and campaigns in the run up to the referendum.

The Australian people have had enough of division and the black imposters demanding place names be changed, and that gum leaves be burnt before every dog fight, and that whiteys pay land rent to bludging, elitist blackfellas.

Is $40 billion a year from taxpayers not enough?

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