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MICHAEL Gray Griffin, the face of the Cafe Locked Out mobile webcasting operation, has warned that there are still too many silent Australians failing to stand up to the digital prison being built around them.

But Griffin, speaking to Kiwi Covid death-shot whistleblower Barry Young and renegade mainstream journalist Liz Gunn, is encouraged by the older and younger Australians and Kiwis who are speaking up. He said he was recently approached by a group of young Australians who were well up with things going on.

Griffin, in one of his recent webcasts, commended Barry Young for his actions in standing up with Gunn to expose shocking NZ Health Ministry statistics indicating thousands of post-mRNA vaccine deaths.

Young said he first began questioning the vaccine data in 2021 and could see worrying trends, but data size was still too small for anyone to take much notice, so he decided to wait longer, eventually contacting Gunn, who was running for Parliament under the NZ Loyal banner. It was hoped that Gunn, if elected, could expose the situation under parliamentary privilege.

Gunn didn’t get her required 5% but regardless, researchers worldwide were ignited by the data he released, given its particular nature. But NZ Health Ministry authorities and police, aided by the mainstream media, went into overdrive to smother the flames. Young was charged, ironically, with “dishonestly accessing vaccination data”.

Gunn also spoke about Young’s court appearance, where a crowd of supporters cheered him inside and outside of the court. “I think what his courage is, is that flame that lights up, that flickers up the flame of courage of those around him.”

The maximum sentence Young could face is seven years – an unlikely scenario unless NZ health authorities want to show themselves as complete lying hypocrites. If anyone is deserving of dishonesty charges, it’s the entire executive of the NZ Health Ministry.

Griffin notes that while the data is still out there, the evidence of excess deaths is all around us, but being ignored in the same manner that society deftly ignores the the truth of the homeless and the suicide rate.

Young initially called himself Winston Smith because he identified himself with the doomed victim of Orwell’s 1984. “… but now it’s like he’s writing the alternative ending,” says Griffin. “The one where Winston escaped the insignificance of anonymity, to stand before us all, as a man of conviction and stated ‘I am Barry Young’.”

Michael Gray Griffin has been travelling around Australia in an old bus, making videos and doing interviews along the way right through the plandemic, avoiding lockdowns and other restrictions, being a voice for freedom.

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