Lisa Wilkinson ‘begged’ network to clarify speech approval, court hears


Contentious TV presenter Lisa Wilkinson has testified before the Federal Court, revealing details about her plea for clarity regarding her controversial Logies speech.

Wilkinson recounted how she ‘begged’ Channel 10 to publicly acknowledge that the speech had been approved by company lawyers. The tension between Wilkinson and her employer has escalated over who will cover her million-dollar legal fees.

The Logies speech stands at the heart of the dispute, with Wilkinson asserting that her lack of faith in Ten’s legal counsel forced her to secure her own legal team.

The fallout from the speech, which led to a delay in the trial has sparked widespread media attention.

During her testimony, Wilkinson emphasised her efforts to ensure the speech was legally responsible and expressed frustration at being portrayed as legally irresponsible in the media. 

The court also heard evidence regarding emails between Wilkinson’s agent and Channel 10 representatives.

As the legal battle unfolds, Wilkinson’s testimony sheds light on the behind-the-scenes tension surrounding the dispute over legal fees, with both parties presenting their arguments before the Federal Court.

Justice Michael Lee hinted at a possible judgement on the matter in March, indicating the seriousness of the case and its implications for both Wilkinson and Channel 10.

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