Libertarian Journalist John Stossel Slams Elizabeth Warren and Defends Elon Musk: ‘We Need More Makers and Fewer Takers’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Libertarian journalist John Stossel has written a new column and created a video to go with it, which blasts government ‘takers’ like Elizabeth Warren and supporting innovative ‘makers’ like Elon Musk.

Stossel correctly points out that people like Elizabeth Warren don’t produce anything. All they do is target the productive and take their wealth to redistribute it as they see fit.

If we had an effective education system, every American child would understand this concept by the third grade.

Here’s an excerpt from Stossel’s column, via the Daily Signal:

Are You a Maker or a Taker?

Politicians are often takers.

They take our money (and freedom) in the name of achieving goals they rarely achieve.

Elon Musk and Sen. Elizabeth Warren may be the best examples of maker and taker. They’re the stars of my video this week.

Warren shouts, “Tax the rich!”

She especially wants to tax Musk, the richest man in the world.

In her eagerness to grab his money, she spun a scandal in the media, claiming Musk paid no taxes. She went on TV again and again to tell people that in 2018, “He paid zero!”

It was true. In 2018, Musk paid no federal income tax. But that was only because his pay was entirely in the form of “stock options,” and that year, they gave him no income.

But at the very moment Warren launched her “zero tax” screed, Musk was paying the U.S. government $12 billion—more tax than anyone has ever paid in history.

Warren didn’t mention that.

I wish Musk paid much less tax. It would be better for the world if he spent the $12 billion himself—rather than giving it to Warren and her cronies.

Stossel’s video about this is excellent. Watch below:

Stossel absolutely nailed this. People like Musk make our lives better. People like Warren contribute nothing but want to benefit from the innovation provided by others.

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