IT’S HAPPENING! J6 Defendant Victoria White BRUTALIZED AND BEATEN By DC Police Officers Files LAWSUIT Against Police and SUES Republican Speaker Mike Johnson to Investigate January 6! “The Officer Called Me a BITCH Then Hit Me” | The Gateway Pundit


Victoria White is a peaceful protester that was brutally beaten to a bloody pulp by a D.C. police officer during the January 6th protest. Victoria was later arrested in a FBI raid on her home, and sentenced to jail time for “interfering with law enforcement officers during a civil disorder.”

Victoria is now fighting back and suing the Capitol Police Officer that brutalized her mercilessly with his fists and a baton, causing her to black out and subsequent brain damage. White is also suing the Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson to investigate her beating and the police brutality that occurred on January 6th.

Victoria White on January 6th.

IT IS ABOUT TIME SOMEONE FIGHTS BACK! Bravo to Victoria White for showing true courage in the face of incredible evil.

According to the lawsuit filed today- Officer Jason Bagshaw, acting under the color of law, repeatedly and mercilessly beat Victoria, first with a stick and then with his bare fists. When he beat her, she was not close enough to him to harm him, or even reach him. Bagshaw had to stretch his arm over other officers to beat her repeatedly with his stick. The police had protective equipment and Victoria was unarmed. Her hands were not in a threatening posture. It was obvious that she needed help. There was absolutely no rational reason for Bagshaw to brutally beat her the way he did. Another individual trapped in the tunnel cried out to Bagshaw for mercy, “Please don’t beat her! Please don’t beat her!” But Bagshaw did not listen and he continued to beat her. Beating Victoria did not serve any legitimate law enforcement purpose. No reasonable officer would do such a thing. This was objectively unreasonable behavior given the circumstances. Bagshaw was trying to beat Victoria White to death. The incident can be seen on video here.”

See video:

The lawsuit filed Request for Relief states:

“Victoria White seeks economic and punitive damages against Jason Bagshaw for violating her constitutional rights, including but not limited to her constitutional right to be free from unlawful seizures, her constitutional right to be free from excessive and unreasonable force, and her constitutional right not to be discriminated against for her viewpoint. Victoria White also seeks the Court to order Speaker Michael Johnson to conduct an investigation into the police brutality on January 6, 2021.”

It will be interesting to see whether Speaker Johnson conducts an investigation or appeals White’s lawsuit. So far, the GOP House has failed to investigate January 6th since they took power in 2022.

See the full lawsuit here (it is a quick and fascinating read):

“Before I blacked out, I remember seeing a police officer,” White told The Gateway Pundit. “I looked at him and I said to him ‘You took an oath to the Constitution.’ He then called me a Bitch and hit me. It was then that I blacked out.”

White filed the lawsuit Pro Se (or Self-Representing). She filed today in order to meet the Statute of Limitations that runs out on January 6th of this year (in a few days). PLEASE HELP VICTORIA WHITE’S LEGAL EXPENSES HERE. Hopefully she will be able to retain an attorney now that this suit is filed.

This marks the first civil lawsuit against police from January 6th.

Officer Jason Bagshaw is a physically large man with an associate in Antifa. He is a Commander in the Special Operations Division of the Metropolitan Police Force. After he brutally beat a helpless woman with his bare fists and a metal stick normally used to CRACK WINDOWS on January 6th, Commander Bagshaw was promoted in 2021 and remained in the Special Operation Division as the Captain of the Special Events Branch. According to the Metropolitan Police website, Bagshaw oversaw First Amendment demonstrations, activities and protests, planning of special events, traffic safety, and the MPD Motors Unit. Police Chief Robert J. Contee III promoted Bagshaw to the rank of Commander on April 7, 2022.

What a joke. Bagshaw is the last person who should be in charge of First Amendment demonstrations, considering he thinks proper protocol is beating tiny women senseless. Bagshaw is the one who should be in jail, not Victoria White.


According to J6 Attorney Joseph McBride:

“She is hit approximately thirty- five times over the course of 4 minutes and 30 seconds, while appearing to be begging for mercy the entire time. She is hit with the baton while facing away. She is hit with the baton while facing forward. She is speared and poked with the baton about the face so as to inflict maximum pain. She collapses more than once and is stood up by the officers only to be maced and beaten again. At some point, White-shirt puts away his baton, not because he is showing mercy because he has a clear avenue to her face. As such, he unloads on the defenseless woman punching her five times in five seconds, directly in the face, with all of his might.”

According to a source and verified by Victoria White:

“They beat the clothes and shoes off Victoria White. She came to the protest on January 6th wearing shoes and a jacket. By the time she was thrown onto the streets she had neither her jacket nor her shoes on. She recalls her shoes coming off as she was being passed between the officers beating her. The police threw her onto the freezing cold January street in a wearing a white hazmat-type suit with no shoes on.”

According to Victoria, doctors found brain damage after her violent beating. She was afraid to initially come forward and was bankrupted, betrayed and not able to afford an attorney.


Although most statutes of limitations have run up for victims of police brutality on January 6th, the last one runs up this year in a few days on January 6th, 2024. Under 42 USC 1983, which allows you to sue when the government violates your Constitutional Rights.


According to

“The Civil Rights Act of 1871 is a federal statute—numbered 42 U.S.C. § 1983—that allows people to sue the government for civil rights violations. Lawyers sometimes refer to cases brought under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 as “Section 1983” lawsuits.

A Section 1983 lawsuit is a civil remedy. It applies when someone acting “under color of” state-level or local law has deprived a person of rights created by the U.S. Constitution or federal statutes. Basically, the law gives victims a legal avenue to hold government actors accountable if they use their position to deprive someone of their constitutional rights (such as to be free from unreasonable search and seizure).

“The Fourth Amendment protects you from unnecessary use of force,” a legal expert told The Gateway Pundit. “If a cop comes up to use and punches you in the face that is a constitutional violation. On January 6th, there was retaliation after the individuals expresses their first amendment rights. So anyone injured on January 6th can file a lawsuit before the stayute of limitation expires this week.”

According to our research, the FBI surrounded White’s home with dozens of heavily armed agents in flak jackets carrying automatic weapons. They stormed through her front door, and seized and handcuffed a trembling White in front of her four terrified daughters. The Biden Regime then charged White with crimes that could have put her in jail for 30 years. Those crimes included allegedly assaulting the police officers that have now been seen on video beating White brutally for approximately four minutes. White is never seen touching a police officer.

According to a source who saw the video, when Officer Jason Bagshaw was done beating White, it appears in the video he pushed her over to another officer (presumed to be McAllister) who began beating her and then she was passed her to another officer who also beat her. Victoria White- covered in her own blood- begged for mercy, and they responded by beating her again. They then handcuffed her with zip ties and then dragged her through the tunnel covered in her own blood while other officers smirked and jeered. They then handcuffed the almost unconscious White to a bench. Sometime later, without explanation, they tossed the battered and dazed White out into the streets of Washington D.C. to fend for herself.  They never explained to White why she was beaten or held by police. She was arrested and indicted about four months later.


The beatings can all be documented by video and this article will be updated with the video once made available. Lara Logan’s production company is expected to release a documentary this week containing all the harrowing footage that will substantiate Victoria White’s claims. We will post it as soon as it is available.

“The footage is just brutal and will be difficult for some people to watch,” said Lara Logan. “But it will put to rest any doubts that anyone may have in Victoria White’s case. This is reminiscent of Rodney King and in some ways worse because you have an unarmed defenseless woman who takes a pounding for no reason. What happened to Victoria White is a crime and covering it up is another crime.”

“There is video of Bagshaw so tired from beating Victoria White he had to lean over and catch his breath,” said Gary McBride of M5 News. “That is when the other cops got ahold of her. There was a point when a cop violently grabs her by the hair and drags her back inside the tunnel when she tries to leave like they instructed her to. People were pleading with cops to stop beating her and thought she was going to be killed.”

Clearly it is legal to beat Trump supporters, sometimes to death.


This can offer some explanation as to why the crowd was so reactionary and angry with police on January 6th. So far there has been documentation of numerous beatings of women by cops- including White, Rosanne Boyland (who died after being sen beaten by Officer Lila Morris, and other unnamed women being begin shoved or hit viciously by police that day. Ashli Babbit, another unarmed woman, was also shot and killed by a Capitol Police Officer.

“The men in the crowd were outraged by what they saw and naturally reacted,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “They fell right into the trap. Why were police targeting small women on January 6th?”

Ryan continued:

“The reason most people were and are afraid to sue police for their brutality against Trump Supporters that day is because they are fearful of retaliation by the Biden Regime. Merrick Garland and his Department of Justice have terrified anyone that was there that day from suing or coming forward to speak about the incredible amount of police brutality, negligence and utter incompetence that led to the multiple deaths, injuries and violations of protesters. Hundreds of thousands of people that were in the crowd have a potential class action lawsuit for police brutality and the Government violating their Constitutional rights. But sadly up until now the fear has crippled anyone there that day from filing a lawsuit, in fear of retaliation.”

According to Victoria White:

“I want the police officers who beat me to be held accountable. I want the American public to know what happened to me that day. I want the American people to know that I was entirely innocent. I want the American people to know that I was the victim of vicious police brutality. I want the American people to know that I was charged with a Felony and not the cops who beat me. I want the American people to know that dozens of heavily armed FBI agents surrounded my home and falsely arrested me on trumped up charges. I want the American people to know that the Department of Justice tried to put me in prison for 30 years. I want the American people to know that the Department of Justice KNOWINGLY falsely charged me, intentionally bankrupted me and terrorized me in order to break me. I want the American people to know the truth.”



Remember, in the end GOD WINS.


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