Israel’s President Herzog Shares Documents Revealing Hamas Indoctrinates Palestinian Children at Terror Summer Camps in Gaza (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog on Meet the Press

Israel’s President, Isaac Herzog, appeared on NBC’s Meet The Press on Sunday and revealed a document alledging Hamas terrorists use summer camps for Palestinian children as a method of “promoting the resistance and Jihadi culture.”

The secret document, written in July by Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades, details the terrorist group’s self-proclaimed goals for the summer camps held across the Gaza Strip.

Among the goals listed in the document are to” promote the culture of resistance and the values of Jihad among the children” as well as provide “spiritual, mental and physical preparation of children to serve the resistance in the future” and “to contribute to the militarization of society through training.”

Activities at the camps included shooting practice with simulations of terror attacks and tours of Hamas terror tunnels.

Image: @IDF/X

Herzog claims the camps were held inside Hamas-controlled military sites.

Herzog told NBC, “The document clearly shows the spread of the values of ‘jihad’ and ‘resistance’ just means terrorism. It shows how to turn a summer camp into a military exercise…this is taking place all over the Gaza Strip.”

Adding, “We all know summer camps and their goals – we want to give a special experience for children and teens, allowing them to become citizens with freedom, happiness, and joy.”

Indoctrinating children has been a consistent theme for Hamas.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Hamas TV produced a special broadcast in which the two young children of a female suicide terrorist were invited to the TV studio to watch a video re-enactment of their mother’s suicide bombing.

Assud the Rabbit, who appeared on the kid’s show “Tomorrow’s Pioneers,” lectures about key elements of Hamas terrorist ideology.

In one episode, Assud vows, “I, Assud, will finish off the Jews and eat them!”

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