Israel Keeps Pushing America Into War With Iran


by Chris Black

The entirety of American foreign policy is determined by Antony Blinken, Victoria Nuland, and Jake Sullivan.

Except in the Middle East.

Those three have their Middle East policy dictated to them by Bibi Netanyahu.

If Bibi says “the slaughter won’t end,” America says “okay then.”


Israeli jets intensified attacks on central Gaza on Sunday, residents and medics said, as battles raged through the rubble of towns and refugee camps in a war that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said would take “many more months” to end.

Netanyahu’s comments signal no let up in a campaign that has killed many thousands and levelled much of Gaza, while his vow to restore Israeli control over the enclave’s border with Egypt raises new questions over an eventual two-state solution.

Air strikes pounded al-Maghazi and al-Bureij in the centre of the Palestinian enclave, killing eight people in one house and driving more to flee to Rafah on the border with Egypt from front lines where Israeli tanks are battling Hamas fighters.

A Red Crescent video published on Sunday showed the chaotic aftermath of strikes in central Gaza, as rescuers worked in the dark to carry an injured child from smoking rubble.

Bibi’s end game has always been to get the US to fight a war with Iran.

That has been his entire agenda since 9/11.

He let the attack on Israel happen, which we know for a fact because of the insider trading.

Most of the people who have otherwise good analysis of the Israel situation are not taking this into account.

You can’t understand the situation without understanding that Bibi wanted it to happen.

The only reason he would want it to happen is to use it as a jumping off point for a war with Iran.

There is no possible way he wanted to clear out Hamas or thought that he could do that.

That’s why you keep hearing about Yemen now.

Just watch.

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