Immigration Will Not “Save” Social security or the Welfare State


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by Chris Black

Native born Americans will only use 95% of the benefits they pay into social security, leaving a small but healthy surplus for the future of the program.

While foreign born workers will collect 120% of the benefits they pay in (, representing a major deficit for the program.

50% of all immigrant households, including 55% of all non-citizen led households in the US receive some form of welfare benfit ( in the United States.

Just 32% of native born American households receive any kind of state welfare benefit.

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Excluding the earned income tax credit just 28% of native born households make use of the welfare state, while 45% of immigrant households, and 51% of non-citizen households, still collect on some other form of state benefit.

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Only 14% of immigration ot the United States is based upon employment (, the remaining 86% is overwhelmingly composed of family members of immigrants.

Immigration is bankrupting the United States, driving down wages (, and driving up the cost of living and housing.


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