If Pierre Poilievre becomes prime minister, censorship and arresting journalists for ‘wrong-think’ in Canada will become a thing of the past


What a difference a few days make!

On Monday, Rebel News Mission Specialist David Menzies was assaulted and frauds arrested by one of Justin Trudeau’s Royal Canadian Mounted Henchmen. David’s crime? He asked an “impolite” question to Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland when she was attending a public event in Richmond Hill, Ont. In reality, the query was both fair and relevant: namely, why hasn’t the Canadian government listed the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps listed as a terrorist group by the Canadian government?

It was the IRGC that purposefully shot down a Ukrainian airliner four years ago, murdering 176 innocent civilians, 55 of whom were Canadians plus 30 permanent residents.

Alas Fraulein Freeland had nothing to say. Then again, how does one justify the indefensible?

But she was clearly offended. Fast-forward to a few seconds later and an RCMP goon decided to use physical contact to shutdown this impromptu question period. Disgraceful.

But on Friday morning in Winnipeg, it was a different story entirely. Menzies was invited to attend a Conservative Party of Canada press conference. And he was allowed to ask a question!

Indeed, CPC leader Pierre Poilievre was asked the following query:

“The Liberals use both a carrot and a stick to control journalists in Canada.

“The carrot is obviously government money, including massive payments to publishers and broadcasters. This corrupts their editorial independence.

“The stick is regulation, including censorship, banning reporters from press conferences, the CRA’s journalism licensing regimen, and the CRTC’s new power to alter search engine algorithms.

“Which of these carrots and sticks would you keep as Prime Minister, and which would you repeal?”

Check out our video to hear Mr. Poilievre’s response. (Spoiler alert: Poilievre is also against the idea of police officers transitioning into violent censors acting on the behalf of the Blackface Liberals.)

How refreshing.

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