HUGE: Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Raises Whopping $2.2 Million in First Quarter Since Launching Campaign for US Senate | The Gateway Pundit


Kari Lake, the Trump-Endorsed Republican from Arizona, is making enormous strides in campaign fundraising, with over $2.2 million raised since she launched her campaign just three months ago.

Lake is poised to flip one of Arizona’s two Democratic Senate seats red.

This is why the fake Republican Maricopa County Recorder, backed by far-left Soros-funded Protect Democracy, is suing Kari Lake for alleged defamation after she spoke out against him and her stolen election for Arizona Governor. “They’re scared to death about me winning this US Senate seat and going to DC and giving the majority to the Republicans so that we can actually turn this nightmare around,” Lake told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.

Lake, who is still fighting a lawsuit against the stolen 2022 Midterm Election, announced her candidacy on October 10, and President Trump endorsed Lake in a video appearance at her announcement rally.

EXCLUSIVE: Kari Lake Discusses Stolen Election Lawsuit, US Senate Race, and Indictment of Conservative Election Officials (VIDEO)

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) said, “Kari Lake is doing everything a candidate for the U.S. Senate needs to do to win,” and this massive fundraising quarter “shows she has the support and momentum to win this race.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Kari Lake also leads in general election polling, a trend that remains unchanged since before she announced her candidacy.

Lake issued the following press release on Monday:


Phoenix, AZ — Since launching her bid for Senate on October 10th, Lake’s campaign fundraising numbers display a strong start to one of the most competitive Senate races in the country. The Lake for Senate Campaign announced $2.2 million raised in her first quarter in the race for Q4 from contributions to Kari Lake for Senate, the campaign committee, and Kari Lake Victory Fund, the joint fundraising committee. Additionally, the Lake Campaign announced that over 19,500 individual donors made contributions to the campaign.

Cook Political has rated Arizona as a “toss-up” making it one of the best pickup opportunities for Senate Republicans to flip the upper chamber. The most recent independent poll in the race shows Kari leading Gallego and Sinema. Lake is polling at 41 percent, Gallego 35 percent, and Sinema 16 percent. President Trump continues to lead Joe Biden in Arizona. Lake has secured the endorsement of President Trump, Senator Barrasso, and Senator Cotton. Her fundraising numbers are the 2nd highest of any Senate Republican challenger in their first quarter in the race.

Statement from The Lake Campaign: 

“Kari Lake is out working everyone, posting a very strong fundraising haul for her first quarter in the race. Arizona is the best pick up opportunity for Senate Republicans, and Kari is well positioned to win in November.”

Statement from Senator Barrasso: 

“Kari Lake is doing everything a candidate for the U.S. Senate needs to do to win. She is reaching out to voters across Arizona, putting forward focused policy priorities, clearly communicating to voters, and now we know building strong financial support for her race. Kari Lake just put up a fundraising quarter that shows she has the support and momentum to win this race.”

Statement from NRSC Chairman Steve Daines: 

“Kari Lake has strong grassroots support that is clearly translating to fundraising success.”

With nearly 20,000 donations, averaging about $100 each, Lake is killing it with grassroots Patriots who just want their country back.

Still, it doesn’t matter how much money you raise, how well you’re doing in the polls, or even how many people vote for you when criminals run the elections.

The Gateway Pundit will continue to provide updates on Kari Lake’s US Senate campaign and the expected cheating in the 2024 election.

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