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Robert Deutsch on the road during his latest Australian visit.

ROBERT Deutsch, the man who claims to constantly track global weather modification operations, is in Australia on tour, sussing out our weather.

Deutsch made a brief video from a Gold Coast beach a few days ago where he made all sorts of amazing claims about what looked like ordinary clouds. He also makes quite spectacular claims about online weather radar and satellite images, claiming that various beams and pulses are definite signs of massive, continent-wide weather modification.

In 2022 he made an extraordinary claim during an interview with Paul Seils on the Conscious Investor Network that seemed to go over everyone’s head. While discussing the giant Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt at Exmouth, WA, Deutsch mentioned another site of interest near Newcastle.

Deutsch zoomed in on Salt Ash, near Newcastle, and a trapezoid feature that he had marked on his own Google Earth map as “death ray” and according to him, its purpose is to shoot down missiles and was part of JORN (Jindalee Over the horizon Radar Network). He said the site “can also beam and send out an energy wave”.

We looked up the site and found it to actually be a bombing range, that has been a bit of an annoyance with nearby residents because of the noise. Did Deutsch just make a mistake? If he had looked at the site on Google Earth maps he would see it is named the Salt Ash Air Weapons Range.

The Nautilus Institute website describes it as an “ADF air to ground gunnery and bombing facility located about 6km from RAAF Williamtown”, about 34 hectares in size with a 2790 hectare safety template zone and that “is used regularly by the RAAF for bombing and strafing practice”. It’s use is limited to 115 days a year due to noise complaints.

How on earth could Deutsch, who we must say can come across as a tad eccentric, get this so wrong? We’re not aware where Deutsch is at the moment in Australia and perhaps he can set the record straight.

Now we’re not saying Deutsch is entirely wrong about weather modification at the North West Cape site, which is now operated by Raytheon, who are into all sorts of electronic technologies. That site was originally set up to broadcast extreme low frequency (ELF) signals to submarines worldwide, and Deutsch claims these signals also affect the weather. North West Cape does seem to produce some intriguing patterns on the weather radar.

Robert Deutsch’s “death ray” claim about a bombing range near Newcastle raises some questions.

But there is another red flag with Deutsch. On one of the Facebook weather modification forums he suggested that Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch.org was “controlled opposition”. In late January Wigington appeared on Graham Hood’s channel Club Grubbery, and backed up Hood’s contention that commercial airlines are not involved in weather modification. Wigington has done thousands of hours of research on weather modification.

On January 7th Hood posted a special promo about the Wigington interview and said he wanted to make the basic point that while he is “pretty certain” that weather engineering is happening, in his 32 years of piloting a Qantas jet he has never encountered such a thing. “I’ve never seen a switch, I’ve never seen a tank and the notion that it’s a fuel additive just doesn’t stand up,” he said.

“Most people who are upset about these issues want to be right and I want to be right too. I don’t want to think I spent 52 years doing something bad in the upper atmosphere. I was proud of my career …. and I still stand by that.”

In his talk with Wigington, Hood referred to “a lot of weird narrative around this debate”, citing the case of a speaker at a freedom movement meeting claiming that “chemtrails” spotted by a member of the audience earlier were actually “the white hats” spraying and neutralising an earlier chemtrail job by “the bad guys”.

Apparently people cheered. But that claim sounds so “out there” one has to wonder if someone is playing, shall we say, “psychological games”? Hood also told of women refusing to put washing out on a line after seeing contrails for fear of the clothes being poisoned.

Then half way through the interview Wigington made a surprising admission (27m42s) that should be heeded by the legions of people screaming on social media about “chemtrails”: “We do agree completely though, that we have seen absolutely no evidence at all to implicate commercial pilots or commercial personnel in any way being involved, and I can’t stress that enough. I’ve never seen any information and we’ve never stated otherwise.”

Hood thanked Wigington for making the point and then went on to talk about geoengineering plans proposed by various high-profile people including Bill Gates and Dr David Keith of Harvard, who Wigington confronted at a geoengineering forum over his proposal to inject 10 to 20 million tons of aluminium nanoparticles into the atmosphere, supposedly to combat global warming.

Wigington, during a question time, managed to get Dr Keith, a fanatical believer in global warming, to admit that they had no health or environmental studies on the potential effects of that proposal. Dr Keith’s last response was “Could terrible things happen tomorrow. We don’t know.”

So here we see the real environmental threat of geoengineering – scientists backed by billionaires like Gates rushing headlong like lemmings into hare-brained schemes allegedly designed to “save the planet”. Surely these people are aware of the effects of past volcanic eruptions in the upper atmosphere?

One attempt by Dr Keith and his climate cronies from Harvard was knocked out by public opinion back in 2021. They planned to fly to Kiruna in northern Sweden, where they and a Swedish space company would launch a balloon carrying an instrument-laden gondola into the stratosphere, some 20km (12.5 miles) above the Earth. They would run tests with the instruments and return home.

However people were alerted by the name of the project, the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment, or SCoPEx as not so innocent, as it involved “solar geoengineering”, that is, spraying particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight and counter allegedly high temperatures caused by alleged climate change. The team apparently had no plans to spray anything but simply dry-run instruments.

But when environmental groups and the Indigenous Saami Council got wind of this they demanded it be stopped, citing “risks of catastrophic consequences”. In the land of Greta Thunberg, environmentalists know how to make a noise and the media jumped on board. “Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of chalk into the stratosphere,” the Daily Mail proclaimed.

The uproar did its work and the Harvard advisory committee announced that, due to the backlash, the project had been put on hold, pending further “societal engagement” with the Swedish public. The launch, they said, would not take place until 2022, or maybe not at all. We haven’t heard if this project continued.

Deutsch pointed out this SCoPEx project in the March 2022 interview we referred to earlier. According to Deutsch, all this geoengineering technology was up and running in 2021. “They’ve done it very successfully I gotta say and I don’t know about you but I haven’t had a sunny day in England for a long time.”

In February 2022 Lismore and district experienced a massive flood, said to be the biggest natural disaster in Australia since Cyclone Tracy in 1974. But it wasn’t the only big flood in Australia either, because they go back many years and it’s no accident that so many houses in the north of the East Coast of Australia were built on stilts.

Australian Geographic reported that Feb/March 2022 flood covering South East Queensland, Wide Bay–Burnett and Western Downs Qld and northern NSW as the worst in Australia’s modern history. According to Deutsch, weather modifying explosive devices were being shot into the atmosphere in the WA north west and off the coast of Sydney.

This claim was fact-checked by AAP and deemed false, because various “weather and cloud-seeding experts say it is impossible for the rain making technology to work on such a large scale and the incessant downpours are due to a La Nina weather system” as stated by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Now before all the cynics poo poo the fact check as we’re prone to doing, we should consider that they at least acknowledged rain making technology and cited some atmospheric science professors who said it doesn’t work on such a large scale and only in certain conditions. That doesn’t seem an unreasonable rebuttal. Deutsch, of course, says the opposite but both views lack hard evidence.

The best Deutsch can do is to point to unusual moving cloud formations and reference certain rain making technologies. We should note however that the small star-shaped cloud formations he pointed out in NW WA that seemed to explode outward would seem to correlate with some sort of man-made activity. Then again, if “chem bombs” are being let off across the country who is doing this?

“Why are they shooting chem bombs off your coast? Why are they having a fireworks display with stuff that’s gonna do damage? When this program could clearly stop this rain. It can. It can cause drought or rain. Geoengineering says it could do so,” Deutsch says (34 min 30 sec).

So according to Deutsch, global weather is being manipulated on a daily basis. According to the climate change narrative, combined human activity is changing the climate. Perhaps it’s the case that weather modification activity is being passed off as climate change, but a large segment of the scientific community denies there is actual, significant climate change.

Deutsch needs more on-the-ground evidence of what he says are massive weather-changing beams and pulses, otherwise it is pure speculation. Weather radars produce all sorts of anomalous digital signals (e.g. beams and circles) that you can often see on the BOM site and Deutsch’s analyses seem just a little too gung-ho to be given full credibility – especially when he makes blatantly false claim about a “death ray”.

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