Happy New Year: SoCal Rattled by Earthquake on Same Day Japan Hit with Massive Temblor | The Gateway Pundit


Southern California was hit with a magnitude 4.1 earthquake on New Year’s Day.

While a 4.1 earthquake is small by California standards, residents in Los Angeles and Orange County were rattled by the temblor.

According to the US Geological Survey, the quake struck about 12 miles south of Rancho Palos Verdes at 8:27 am on Monday.

Meanwhile, Japan rang in the new year with a massive 7.6 earthquake.

The 7.6 earthquake and dozens of aftershocks struck Honshu on Monday.

According to seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones, the California quake and Japan’s temblor are completely unrelated.

“Completely unrelated to Japan, SoCal just had a M4.1 offshore from Palos Verdes. Not near any known fault. Way too small to even talk about tsunamis. Japan’s M7.5 is 100,000 times bigger than a M4.1,” Dr. Lucy Jones said on X.

No reports of damages or injury related to the California quake.

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