Gateway Beyond the Headlines 01/05/24-Nic McKinley on the Latest Epstein Release, the “Global Warming” Narrative, Founder of Cowboys for Trump Couy Griffin , Biden’s Latest Attack Ad and TGP’s Cara Castronuova Discusses the Dangers of Biological Males Being Allowed to Participate in Women’s Sports- 8:00 PM ET | The Gateway Pundit


More Epstein documents! More names! Nic McKinley, Founder and CEO of, will join Ivory to discuss this unfolding story.

“Global warming?” How about record all-time lows in Europe. Ivory takes a look at the crumbling “global warming” narrative.

On the same day that President Biden took to the stage to rant about the dangers of January 6th, new video surfaces of the police brutality experienced by peaceful protesters on J6. Couy Griffin, the founder of Cowboys for Trump, joins Ivory to talk about the truth the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about what happened on that day.

Another sad day in Biden’s America:  police resigning in Wisconsin; Jack Smith continues his politically motivated persecution of President Trump; and – hitting a new low – Biden attacks average Americans in his latest campaign ad.

When will the trans insanity stop? Cara Castronuova, a former boxer and current Gateway Pundit contributor, joins Ivory to talk about the physical danger actual women are put in when biological males are allowed to participate in women’s sports!

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