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The highly dysfunctional coalition headed by Globalist Chancellor Olaf Scholz continues to flounder, marred by budget problems, economic woes, unchecked mass migration and the constant war mongering for Ukraine.

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Now, reports are starting to arise that Scholz may be forced to resign, as his SPD party is in a bad hangover mood, after looking at the catastrophic year-end surveys.

BILD reported:

“Approval fell from 20 to 15 percent over the course of 2023 (INSA survey for BILD from December 31st). […] Only one in five Germans recently rated Olaf Scholz’s work as chancellor positively.

[…] Accordingly, the Chancellor could be forced to resign in 2024. There are already whispers about a possible successor “in one wing of the Social Democrats”: Boris Pistorius (63), the Federal Defense Minister who is more popular with the people.”

And what’s more: it turns out that the main reason for replacing the Chancellor is NOT related solely to the horrible economic and geopolitical situation in the country.

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The main issue turns out to be the 2020 major fraud scandal surrounding the company Wirecard and its boss Jan Marsalek.

Marsalek is believed to be in Moscow and, according to new British and US findings, was a Russian spy all along. And Scholz is actually deeply involved, as it turns out.

“Scholz was Finance Minister under Merkel when the biggest scandal in German economic history since the Second World War was exposed in 2020. As minister, Scholz was responsible for the financial regulator BaFin, which did not notice the billion-dollar fraud involving air bookings. And this despite the fact that the financial service provider Wirecard was also a partner of the federal government and even processed sensitive payments for the Federal Intelligence Service.”

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The Green party, nowadays part of Scholz coalition, went to the barricades as oppositionists, when the scandal first broke out.

“Olaf Scholz has always denied shared responsibility for the scandal. But critics accused BaFin and thus also the Ministry of Finance of failing from the start. And to date, […] the Finance Ministry has rejected every request to make the meetings between Wirecard boss, Scholz and his men public. Because there were previously unknown agreements between the government and the alleged Putin spy?”

It is true that many have serious doubts about the feasibility of an internal coup plan in the SPD against Scholz and in favor of Pistorius.

Defense Minister Pistorius has just called for Germany to become ‘war-ready’”. And that does not resonate well with the younger wing of the SPD party.

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