EXTENDED TO MIDNIGHT: Over 100 January 6 Survivors Sue Dirty Cops Who Beat And Gassed Protesters At Capitol Riot, JOIN EXCESSIVE FORCE LAWSUIT BY MIDNIGHT IF YOU WERE INJURED | The Gateway Pundit


January 6 defendants are flipping the script.

In a landmark civil suit against the Capitol Police, over 100 J6 defendants are suing the District of Columbia, Capitol Hill Police, and Metropolitan Police Department officers for illegally brutalizing demonstrators during the Capitol riot in a complaint that obliterates the government for waging a terror attack against the American people for protesting election theft.

Every American who was injured or assaulted by lawbreaking law enforcement officials must provide their signature to join at J6CLASSACTION.COM as a plaintiff by 12 am EST Monday, January 8.

The lawsuit was filed by J6 Legal, a legal investigative organization created by political hostage Jake Lang who has been detained for nearly 3 years without trial for his role in the Capitol riot and saved the lives of Tommy Tatum and J6 defendant Phillip Anderson as police ruthlessly beat protesters, doused them in deadly CS gas while ignitig flashbang grenades.

Lang is the leading plaintiff in the complaint alongside co-plaintiffs including Ryan Samsel, Zachary Rehl Raechel Genco, Rachel Myers, Isaac Thomas, Matthew Kroll, Eric Clark, Rachel Powell, Ethan Bray, and Donald Hazard.

Approximately 20 defendants were listed as plaintiffs Monday morning and at the time of this publication over 100 J6ers joined on as plaintiffs in a lawsuit that may award them millions for injury.

And there is STILL TIME to join before the Statue of Limitations is UP TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!
Please sign up immediately on J6ClassAction.com


Over 100 January 6 Survivors File Civil Law Suit Against Dirty Cops Who Beat And Killed Protesters by Alicia Powe on Scribd

J6 Legal contacted The Gateway Pundit moments ago to notify the public the deadline to join the complaint has been extended from 2 pm to midnight.

Every victim of the terrorist attack the government waged against the American people for protesting election fraud must put the government on defense for its abuse of police power, the political prisoner argued in a call from the hole in the basement of the DC gulag.



If you would like to support this lawsuit and continued investigation to free the Jan 6ers, please visit J6Legal.org.

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