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By Tony Ryan

If the seas on either side of Australia have not risen, which together make up the largest sea mass on this planet, connected by the Antarctic seas, which also have refused to budge despite furious attempts by the ANU academic Fiona Beck’s computer, how can our Pacific neighbours be experiencing catastrophic oceanic rise?

There can be only one interpretation of this wildly impossible equation: It is wrong. This means Fiona Beck is what most of us have come to recognise is a ‘grossly over-paid academic’; a phrase redefined by the newly awakened as “heavily-bribed mental retard who has the moral compass of a promiscuous leech”. Yes, crude, but accurate.

The tethered captives upon which this leech sucks are the taxpayers of Australia, who are forced to fund an entire tank of leeches known as ACADEMIA. This is the genesis of the phrase ‘Think Tank’.

Nhulunby, East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

But hark! Right now, in the darkest recesses of my ancient and decrepit mind, I hear a bell ringing. That howl in the night that is spelled ANU, has jogged my memory and another shriek in the night spelled NARU intrudes on my consciousness. Ah, it all comes back… NARU. The North Australia Research Unit of, you guessed it… ANU.

From the mid-1970s NARU created the theories and postulations that eventually became official Aboriginal Development Policy. We all know how well that went down. Eighty billion dollars up in smoke. Followed by that spiritually-uplifting experience we fondly recall as the Voice Referendum.

So, not satisfied with destroying a viable Aboriginal future, ambition has got the better of these effete trogs and they now want to eliminate human viability on a global scale.

But here is the punchline. Rogue academics and scientists not only want to starve us all by eliminating energy and sustainable technology, they plan to eliminate Planet Earth’s ozone layer in just a few years.

By all means, put your specs on and read again. Get the kids to read the words out loud. See? You read this correctly. These psychos are part of a master plan to wipe out all life.

How? Rockets and missiles.

Each of these, mostly to launch satellites, produce exhaust fumes that destroy the ozone layer for a few hundred square kilometres. This is caused by chlorine, black carbon, aluminium, and other pollutants. When the rockets and satellites de-orbit, the shock wave creates nitric oxide, which also destroys the ozone layer.

Some five thousand satellites are aloft or planned to be launched in the coming months. Animals, birds, and insects are already ill or dying. Humans report new and strange debilitation. Although some scientists have noted the by-now-impossible-to-ignore injuries and deaths from mRNA jabs and suspect these as the cause, many of this new debilitation has been sustained by the unvaccinated; and, of course, the animals, birds and insects also were not vaccinated.

The evidence is anecdotal but Starlink has been implicated, although these contain de-orbit explosive devices so, evidently, somebody has given some thought to the problem. What we have not been told is that hundreds of these ozone-destroying launchings are to occur in Australia; eventually, some five thousand; more than enough to kill us all. Rawanda plans many, many thousands, so we should plan our tearful goodbyes now. Nobody is monitoring so we can’t provide a date for Armageddon. Wait, I forgot. The 4000 people of Nhulunbuy, NT, will die in the same 5 minutes when a US missile fuel store vaporises to form a vast cloud of chlorine gas. Only Biden can provide a more precise date. CN has the details.

I know some of you are very astute and you will be saying, “Hey, that was a quantum leap from ANU climate lunacy, to Aboriginal genocide, and then to missile launchings. What is the common thread?” Yeah, you are right. The first depleted ozone zones will be over Arnhem Land, one of the most mineral-rich regions on earth. Eliminating blackfellas from this region has always been the goal of ANU and its globalist parent.

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