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The European Union is scared -as it should be.

The Globalist superstructure of the EU is at odds with the majority of the continent’s population, which is becoming increasingly Conservative and lending its support to populist and nationalist parties.

Some examples jump to mind, such as Italy, Hungary, now the Netherlands and even Poland (where the president is still conservative and so is PiS, still the largest party).

But it’s a widely reported fact that right-wingers are also surging in France, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Slovakia and Finland.

Europeans seems ready to do the right thing.

So Brussels is scared. Unelected EU foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, I fear mongering in the MSM, warning that parliamentary elections in June voters will flock to rightwing populist parties.

While fear mongering, Borrel, in a wonderful case of projection, blames the European shift right on ‘fear’ – and not in the very real widespread rejection of EU’s failed leftist policies.

The Guardian reported:

“’I am afraid of fear, I am afraid Europeans vote because they are afraid. It’s scientifically proven that fear in the face of the unknown and uncertainty generates a hormone that calls for a security response. This is a fact’, Borrell told the Guardian.”

‘I am afraid of fear’ just has to be one of the worst political ´phrases of  the whole year. But let’s proceed.

Borrell’s ‘fearful’ remarks come after gains by rightwing parties across the continent, fueled driven by unchecked mass migration and lowering living standards.

Borrell fears that ‘the European elections will be as dangerous as those in the US’. You bet the unelected Brussels bureaucrat suffers from ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’.

He seems proud of the catastrophic migrant influx.

“We are a magnet for hundreds of thousands of people who want to come to live in Europe. And it’s easy to understand why when we compare our standard of living. We are the best combination of political freedom, economic prosperity, and social cohesion that humankind has been able to create.”

Borrell switches gears to war-mongering, saying Putin ‘threatens Europe itself, not only Ukraine.’

“And if we don’t change course rapidly, if we don’t mobilize all our capacities, it will let Putin win the war in Ukraine. Similarly If we are not able to stop the tragedy which is happening in Gaza, I think our project will be very much damaged. […] The important thing is what we can do in order to avoid Russia winning the war. What are we ready to do? Are we really ready to do everything it takes? This is the question that we have to put ourselves…”

He insists Putin ‘cannot be satisfied with a piece of Ukraine’, and that the Russian leader ‘has decided to continue the war until the final victory’.

So, with Globalists rooting for unchecked mass migration, collapsing standards of life, crippling climate alarmist policies and constant war mongering, how can anyone still wonder why European voters are flocking to the right?

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