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It takes a lot to make President Joe Biden look good, but Elizabeth Warren on Monday managed to make Americans glad she tanked in the Democratic primary race four years ago.

The Massachusetts senator, the most shriekingly annoying figure in American politics this side of Hillary Clinton, took to the stage on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and launched into what was almost certainly a rehearsed routine.

And it’s one her advisers should have warned her off.

Check it out here:

“Before we get into anything else to talk about,” Colbert said, “Taylor Swift won big at the Grammys last night. Was that Phase 1 of the Democrats’ deep-state plan for the Chiefs …”

“You bet!” Warren interrupted. “And all I can say to Donald Trump is: ‘Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate.’

That last part was sung, to the chorus of Swift’s 2014 hit “Shake It Off.”

Some background, for the few who might be mystified at this point:

The “joke,” such as it was, was a reference to conspiracy theories making the rounds on social media that the NFL and pop superstar Taylor Swift have plotted to feed publicity surrounding Swift’s romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

The Chiefs’ appearance in the Super Bowl will maximize the effect of Swift’s endorsement of President Joe Biden (to come at halftime, according to one theory published to X while the Chiefs were still playing in the AFC Championship game).

(Besides his careers as a pro football player and Taylor Swift’s current boyfriend, of course, Kelce is also a pitchman for Pfizer, the maker of the COVID vaccine and a proud sponsor of Satanic performances. Does anyone think that’s a coincidence?)

For the record, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday denied being part of any kind of conspiracy, according to CNN.

“Listen, there is no way that I could have scripted that one, let’s just put it that way,” he said. (But of course, he would say that.)

Regardless, Warren’s moment might have been aimed at mocking Trump, but it drew little but mockery for Warren on social media.

And then there’s one, that sums up the point nicely:

Anything is possible, of course. The fact that a lifelong grifting hack of a politician named Joe Biden is president of the United States proves that.

Still, it’s obviously far-fetched to think a conspiracy so vast as to fix NFL playoff games and the Super Bowl could remain under wraps for long.

It’s also questionable just how much impact a Taylor Swift Super Bowl moment for Biden would have. Her public politics — as a lefty follower of lefty trends like gay, lesbian and transgender issues and climate change — are already well known, and utterly unsurprising, considering her social set.

And while she and pretty much the entire celebrity/entertainment universe lined up in 2020 against then-President Donald Trump, Swift’s record on political endorsements by herself isn’t exactly strong. Her best-known endorsement, Democrat Phil Bredesen in the 2018 Senate race, lost by 10 points to Republican Marsha Blackburn.

There’s no doubt Biden would relish a Super Bowl endorsement from Taylor Swift — assuming he hasn’t fallen asleep by then — but there’s a real question of how much effect it would have.

If the United States can experience the unmitigated disaster of the past four years of Joe Biden’s presidency and accept what will almost certainly be four more years of even more disastrous leadership based solely on the words of a wealthy pop star who made her fortune writing about her heart being broken, it deserves what it gets.

If nothing else, the whole course of her career to date proves one thing: Taylor Swift has lousy taste in men.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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