Drag “Nuns” Ride in Cary, NC Christmas Parade


Last Updated on December 12, 2023

A Christmas parade held on Saturday in downtown Cary, NC featured drag queens from a chapter of the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”, an anti-Christian LGBTQ activist group known for crossdressing as Catholic nuns and hosting offensive stunts, such as pole dancing on a cross or holding a “Hunky Jesus” contest.

The parade also included numerous children’s groups, including scout troops, schools, and dance troupes; the Cary Mayor, Cary Town Council Members, and Wake County School Board Members; as well as vehicles for GOP elected officials and candidates Scott Lassiter (who appeared in person), and Mark Robinson (who did not).

Although once a small town, Cary’s rapid growth to a 2020 population of 174,721 makes it the largest suburb of the state capital, Raleigh. The town’s high percentage of citizens who are not native to North Carolina has earned it the nickname of “Containment Area for Relocated Yankees”.

Watch video footage of the parade from Stephen Horn below: 

“Sisters” of Perpetual Indulgence

The “sisters” were in the news earlier this year over the LA Dodgers plan to award the LA chapter of the group with a “Community Hero Award”. Although the Dodgers initially canceled the invitation due to backlash from the Christian and Catholic communities, it was reinstated after competing pressure from the LGBTQ community.

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Later in the year, a member of the organization was arrested in California after being caught masturbating at a public park.

Like many Drag queens, the members often adopt sexually explicit names; in the NC chapter of the organization, the “Smokin’ Cardinal Sisters”, these names include “Byanka Bangsum” and “Popa Tent”.

The Parade

The parade came under criticism the week ahead of its debut, as community members discovered Pride of Cary would be featuring the president of the Smokin’ Cardinal Sisters, Bryan, on their parade float. Bryan, who goes by “Bea Yourself”, was previously honored by Cary Pride with a “Unicorn Award”.

NC Christmas Pride

A petition calling for the “controversial” group to be removed from the parade lineup had nearly 1,500 signatures ahead of the parade.

Additionally, the inclusion of the “sisters” in the event was discussed on The Steve Noble Show with NC Values Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald calling on listeners to contact the parade organizers, the Cary Jaycees, with their concerns.

In response, the Cary Jaycees issued the following statement:

The Cary Jaycees is aware of some concerns regarding participants in this year’s Cary Christmas Parade. As you may know, The Cary Jaycees, a subsidiary of JCI USA, is a non-profit organization that has no political or religious affiliation, therefor the events we host, and plan also run along those guidelines. Because the parade is a community event, we invite all those who would like to participate the opportunity to do so. We do not endorse or condone any political candidates who may be participating in our parade. Anyone who purchased a spot in the parade are all required to adhere to the rules and regulations of being streamed on the internet, and the laws that govern public decency and lewdness. Furthermore, the town of Cary Police Department will be on hand to ensure that the parade is safe for everyone including our diverse community members and any little one’s present.

We hope you have a wonderful time at the parade and enjoy a showcase of the diverse community of Cary.

This article was written by Stephen Horn of This Week in the Triangle, a North Carolina-based news publication.

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