Dissenting Judge on Colorado Supreme Court says Trump denied due process. ‘Like nothing I’ve seen in 33 years.’


via thenationalpulse:

Dissenting justices on the Colorado Supreme Court have warned the court’s decision to remove Donald Trump from the state primary ballot for “insurrection” risks sowing “chaos” throughout the country, and that the 45th President did not receive a fair trial. Despite the fact every top justice in the Centennial State was appointed by a Democratic governor, there was only a 4-3 decision to remove Trump, with Chief Justice Brian Boatright, Justice Maria Berkenkotter, and Justice Carlos Samour dissenting.

“The decision to bar former President Donald J. Trump… by all accounts the current leading Republican presidential candidate (and reportedly the current leading overall presidential candidate) from Colorado’s presidential primary ballot flies in the face of the due process doctrine,” warned Justice Samour.

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