Dispatches from the trenches in the war on women


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2023 was the year when the battleground for women’s rights moved onto the rugby field. And the swimming pool.

A biological man named Ash Davis, last year’s former hardest hitter in the men’s division, has announced his transition and switched teams, playing against and severely injuring women on the rugby pitch.

Then, Nick Cepeda, a 50-year-old man has been taking to the lanes at the pool as a thirteen-year-old girl.

Worse still, Cepeda has been using the changeroom with the girls.

The parents at the pool either don’t care or are too woke or scared to do anything about Cepeda. The rugby girls are running cover for Davis, doing their civic duty in risking a career-ending concussion to demonstrate their commitment to trans rights.

One man has become an unlikely defender of the rights of women and girls, a chivalrous champion for fairness and safety.

That man is Rebel News reporter David Menzies, and he joins the show tonight to discuss the dangers of radical trans activism moving from the streets to the sports field.

GUEST: David Menzies, Mission Specialist at Rebel News.

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