Dems Allegedly Exploiting Census for Congressional District Advantage


Dems want many new imported Dems (after amnesty). But even without amnesty Dems are using illegal aliens as pawns for re-drawing congressional districts for additional Dem congressional representatives in the House. Obama (who is Biden’s puppetmaster) said he would “fundamentally transform America.”

Patriot Thomas Massey has proposed a constitutional amendment to clearly exclude illegal aliens.


Massie Suggests Novel Approach on Illegals: Stop Incentivizing Dems to Ignore the Crime
By Amy Curtis | January 04, 2024

( – Even though California has lost a Congressional seat due to residents fleeing the state, they still have an advantage of 5-7 extra Congressional members because of illegal immigration.


Thomas Massie has now co-sponsored a proposed Constitutional Amendment to change that.


Good. This is how it should always have been….



h/t WeAreNotTheFirst

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