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By Guest writer Jenn Baker

January 6th defendant Vitali Gossjankowski reached out from his cell in D.C. Gulag to tell his story and beg for America’s help. Gossjankowski is deaf and we were only able to communicate with him electronically.

The prison is making it difficult for the deaf Gossjankowski to get the hearing aids he needs to be able to hear noises and protect himself while locked up. Please help Gossjankowski get hearing aids in jail HERE! 

J6er Vitali Gossjankowski is deaf. He is currently being held at D.C. Jail without the hearing aids he needs to survive in prison.

Since January 6th, Gossjankowski told us he has been disowned by his two mothers and their LGBT Community- the only family he has. Gossjankowski has also been banned from his deaf community and expelled from his college. He reached out to tell his story and asks you to listen and help.

J6er Vitali Gossjankowski started his life in hardship and asked us to share and explain his journey before, during, and after his day at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. 

At age five, Gossjankowski was delivered to his adopted mothers by a Russian official at Dulles Airport. Over a period of a year, the two ladies waited for the adoption of their son to become legal and finally received their precious child on July 15, 1994. Vitali, whose last name is the combined last names of his mothers, had previously spent his then short life in a Georgian orphanage. He was born in Zugdidi, Georgia, which is located next to Russia and the Black Sea.

Vitali Gossjankowski on January 6th.

His childhood, as he explains, was not exciting- “I didn’t have an exciting childhood because I was a particularly troubled kid with a lot of issues, and because I was in an orphanage, I never knew what caused my deafness.”  While dealing with his troubles as a teen, he was institutionalized for almost three years until he turned 18. However, he was able to get himself out of trouble and go to college. In the spring of 2014, he received an Associate Degree in Food Management and Culinary Art from Scottsdale Community College.  

Please send support and prayers to Vitale Gossjankowski HERE! 

Afterward, Gossjankowski chose to head back to a four-year college for a bachelor’s Degree- this time in Washington DC- to Gallaudet University School for the Deaf. He decided to major in Government and minor in Accounting and Risk Management.

He only had three more elective courses to reach his Bachelor’s degree before he was subjected to a politically motivated expulsion due to his alleged participation at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. This has also led to Vitali being exiled from the vast majority of the deaf community across the United States.

“I have been a very vocal proponent of Donald Trump since 2010,” said Gossjankowski with pride. “I even posted a photo on my Instagram in early 2011 predicting that Donald Trump would become the President of the United States and he DID.”

Vitali Gossjankowski has been abandoned by his two mothers and the deaf community. Please pray his Mothers can find it in their hearts to visit him and show him unconditional love.

Like some conservatives who live in a “blue” city, Vitali has had a constant battle with friends and family. He said, “I’m a vocal supporter blending a mixture of political theology and activism to MAGA ideology with a strong concentric focus on conservative Trump-ism. I keep getting rejected by others around me due to my advocacy of Trump.

However, even after all the rejection and hardship that comes with being a J6er, Gossjankowski told us “showing up at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was the best thing I’d done in my life.”  

Gossjankowski continues to support President Trump and says January 6th was one of the best times of his life.

Please send support and prayers to Vitale Gossjankowski HERE! 

Gossjankowski is currently estranged from his LGBT mothers who adopted him that joyful July day 30 years ago. They have not reached out to him, although they live within miles of where he is being detained at the DC Gulag. This week, Vitali has a hearing with Judge Paul Friedman to determine whether or not his first attorneys were effective representation. They [his attorneys] would not allow Gossjankowski to testify as he repeatedly requested. Gossjankowski said he was continuously suppressed by two out of his three former Public Defenders- Ned Smock and Celia Goeltz.

“They had an unparalleled alignment with the federal prosecutors to assassinate my reputation,” said Gossjankowski. His new attorney is arguing that Vitali should be able to testify and also have witnesses that were withheld by his previous representation.

“Right now, my newly-appointed lawyer Matthew Peed (Clinton & Peed Law Firm) is currently representing me,” says Gossjankowski. “We have continuous difficulty communicating due to a severe lack of ADA accommodations provided to me in regards to my special needs because I’m deaf. He has attempted to reach out to me multiple times. I could be facing five years of imprisonment at federal prison. Although I was never violent at the Capitol that day.”

Clearly, liberals only care about the rights of the disabled if they are NOT Trump Supporters.

Please help Gossjankowski get hearing aids in jail HERE! 

Gossjankowski is a new addition to Biden’s collection of hostages held captive in D.C. Gulag.

Please see an article about Gossjankowski’s trial here.

In October of 2023, Judge Paul Friedman detained and sent Gossjankowski to the DC Gulag. Judge Friedman expressed his disdain for the First Amendment after becoming offended by some Instagram posts that were put up by Gossjankowski. He was put in the J6 pod in D.C. Gulag and was told that if he wanted to have hearing aids, he would be remanded to the medical pod. This would essentially be solitary confinement for Biden’s newest hostage.

There have been different stories from every department and agency that the jail needs to pay for and provide hearing aids. The jail says the Marshals need to provide them, and the Marshals say it’s the Court. Whoever it is, Vitali is still without them. The aids do not allow him to hear voices but they do help him hear ambient noises and sounds so he can protect himself to the best of his ability while in one of America’s most dangerous prisons.

The good people at CondemnedUSA are working to get him hearing aids, which will help immensely as he navigates prison. It will also help with his communication with the other inmates, his attorney, and the Correctional Officers.

The notorious D.C. Gulag and home to the political prisoners of the Biden Regime.

Gossjankowski’s story is very interesting and goes much deeper than this article will allow. He ended his letter by saying, “We have to stand firmly with our unequivocal courage to sickening and corrupt propaganda by the behemoth of pestiferous leftists. Thank you for your time to read this. MAGA :).” 

*This article was submitted by Jenn Baker of CondemnedUSA. Baker is a J6 Advocate, a journalist and podcaster. Follow her on Rumble – Flip The Switch w/ Jenn , X = @JennBakerMJB and on Telegram = Flip the Switch w/ Jenn.

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