College Professor Wins $185,000 From St. Philip’s College After Being Fired for Encouraging Debate on Gender Ideology, Police Brutality


A $185,000 settlement has been reached with a political science professor who was terminated from St. Philip’s College earlier this year for encouraging discourse on controversial subjects such as police brutality and gender ideology, according to the College Fix.

Will Moravits said he was terminated in March for allowing hot-button debates in his classroom that centered around current controversial issues in America such as gender ideology, transgender rights, race, and police brutality, according to a draft complaint.

One female student had complained that Moravits allegedly made homophobic and pro-police brutality comments, which resulted in an official investigation being launched by St. Philip’s College. Moravits, who was a former police officer, has maintained that those allegations were completely fabricated but the college terminated him from his position after he had been initially suspended.

Before the settlement had been reached, Moravits, who was represented by the Academic Freedom Alliance, said that he was gearing up to file a federal lawsuit on the grounds that the college had infringed on his constitutionally protected rights to Freedom of Speech and academic freedom.

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