Climate commitment or just plane hypocrisy? WEF Contributor addresses the elephant in the room at Davos


Amid the opulence on display in Davos, questions of trust and responsibility loom large as the WEF push this year’s theme of ‘Rebuilding Trust.’

Rebel reporter Avi Yemini tracked down Joanna Messing, a WEF 2024 Agenda Contributor, to ask her about the the apparent contradictions of the elite gathering.

He probed her on the trust deficit the WEF seems to be grappling with.

Joanna said she was a newcomer to Davos, but expressed her eagerness to contribute in her capacity as an advocate for philanthropy.

She said that her motivation in attending was to ‘explore collaborative avenues between philanthropy, government, and corporations in addressing climate change.’

Avi challenged her on the choice of WEF as the platform for such discussions, given the extravagant display of wealth and the colossal carbon footprint created by private jet travel to the picturesque Swiss town.

Joanna acknowledged the validity of the critique, accepting the reallity of the stark contrast between the WEF’s climate change agenda and the environmental impact of its participants’ extravagant lifestyles.

I challenged her on whether the elite gathering genuinely fosters opportunities for meaningful change or if it merely perpetuates a facade.

As the global elite discuss pressing global issues, the incongruities between their actions and the ideals they champion come under scrutiny, leaving observers pondering the authenticity of the commitment to change.

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