Canada Faces Impending Minsky Moment as Housing Bubble Inflates with Open Immigration Strain… Household Debt Surpasses GDP.


Canada finds itself perched on the edge of a substantial housing bubble, sustained by an open immigration policy straining the nation’s infrastructure. As the housing market remains inflated, experts warn of an imminent Minsky Moment, signaling potential economic instability. The situation is exacerbated by alarming statistics on household debt, which has surged past the country’s GDP and holds the highest percentage among G7 nations.

Recent data from October 2023 reveals that Canadian household debt has reached unprecedented levels, soaring to $2.90 trillion, a staggering 62% increase in the past decade. The main driver behind this surge is mortgage debt, which has skyrocketed from $1.18 trillion to $2.16 trillion, marking an 82% rise over the same period. With these concerning figures, Canada faces the challenge of addressing the mounting pressure on its housing market and the potential fallout from an overheated economy. The looming Minsky Moment serves as a stark reminder of the need for careful economic management in the face of growing financial risks.

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