Biden Preparing To WITHDRAW U.S. Forces From Syria!


We all should understand the reasoning here…

They don’t want to give Trump yet another platform to pound the Democrats with during the election cycle.

A Mass Casualty event would drive Democrat polling even lower, so they don’t want the risk.

If whatever Democrat they decide to run wins, they will return within days….

America to withdraw from the middle east within 90 days

Seems, Iran won without firing a single shot from their own country.

According to several U.S. Defense Officials, preparations are now underway for a Total or Partial Withdrawal of U.S. and Coalition Forces from Eastern Syria and Iraq due to continued Pressure and Escalations by Iranian-Backed Groups including Kata’ib Hezbollah, while also making it a Priority of getting American Servicemembers to “Safety” prior to any kind a Regional War; the Full Withdrawal could take up to 90 Days but that depends on its Size, Scope, and Urgency.

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