Biden Almost Falls Down, Weirdly Growls At Young Girl, In Latest Series of Misadventures


Last Updated on January 12, 2024

Joe Biden engaged in a new series of misadventures Friday, nearly falling on his face during a confused fit at a store and also weirdly clasping a young girl’s chair and growling at her. Biden is obviously not inspiring confidence from the American people as his regime races into World War 3, and the world stands watching this disaster play out in front of their eyes.

Joe Biden clasped a young girl’s chair and creepily growled something beginning with “I’m sorry” while he was ostensibly looking at a bookshelf and also answering a reporter’s questions about the disappearance of his Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who basically went AWOL for a supposed cancer treatment without his second-in-command at the Pentagon even knowing about his absence. Notably, the girl adjusted her seat in response to Biden’s lurking presence.

Joe Biden had to be stopped from falling by a man giving him a tour of a store. In general, people speak to Joe Biden like he has the mental capacity of a small child. Biden’s eyes reflect general unfeeling vacancy. It is sad for America to watch.

Joe Biden is coming off a similar losing day when he spoke at Valley Forge.

Recently, Joe Biden delivered a bleak and rather demoralizing speech Friday at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, further underscoring the dilemma that America faces in this precarious election year of 2024: We are unjustly ruled over by a mentally incompetent puppet of the New World Order.

Valley Forge is the town where General George Washington famously rallied his hurting troops through a cold winter in 1777-1778 before going on to win independence for America in the American Revolution. For patriotic Americans, Valley Forge symbolizes the indomitable nature of the human spirit, and the ability of common men to triumph over punishing circumstances to achieve victory.

But Biden’s cynical, rambling speech, punctuated by his usual vocal mistakes and capped off by his wife Jill basically pulling him by the hand offstage, was decidedly not Washingtonian. As usual, Biden came off like a creepy and traitorous version of Mr. Magoo.

Even though Biden met with various historians including Jon Meacham in the run-up to his stupid Valley Forge speech, he failed to transcend the extremely low expectations that people have for him. The barely concealed viciousness of the speech — implying Trump supporters to somehow be enemies of America and “democracy” because of January 6 — was a major downer, not to mention the fact that America is a Republic, not a democracy. Needless to say, history will not remember Biden at Valley Forge.

Ostensibly a January 6-themed campaign event for Biden’s failing presidential campaign, Biden staggered through a weird speech punctuated by shouting and coughing and confusing rambles.

Biden’s awkward exit from the stage begins at the 54:45 mark in the stream below. At one point, Biden bizarrely says “I understand power.” What does that even mean? Is he threatening the American people? Who can even tell at this point? Very disturbing stuff. Obviously, the 2024 election is more important than ever because a second Biden “term” (shudder at the thought) might mean the end of America for good.


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