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Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam was seemingly ignored by Homeland Security recently while trying to report a potential terrorist who was allowed into our country at the wide-open southern border.

Bergquam says he has the suspected terrorist’s face on video and a first name. However, he was told that the Department does not accept that kind of information.

The Gateway Pundit reported that an illegal alien who traveled from Iran to Jacumba, California, recently warned Ben of the Islamic terrorism and other foreign adversaries that are coming through our southern border.

“If I was governor here, I would be afraid,” the unidentified man said, noting that “all these people” coming across our borders are “military age.”

WATCH: Iranian Illegal Immigrant and Former Islamist Warns Ben Bergquam of Islamic Terrorism Coming Across the Southern Border, Says “Islamists Will Come Here, Get The Guns, Get The C4 Detonation, and Kill People”

Bergquam later told The Gateway Pundit, “What’s even scarier is that after that interview, I received an email from somebody in that camp reporting a potential terrorist on the route with him. I’m in contact with the FBI now, but you won’t believe the response I got from Homeland Security – truly pathetic!”

More than 11 million illegals, who are mainly military-age males and include many known or suspected terrorists, have invaded the US on Joe Biden’s open border invitation.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, there were 17 illegals encountered in November alone that were on the FBI’s terror watchlist, According to data from Customs and Border Protection. How many more have slipped through the cracks with the other 11 million illegal aliens?

Many illegals ditch their identification cards and identifying papers before surrendering to Border Patrol officers, meaning there’s no way to tell who they are. And as it turns out, Homeland Security apparently doesn’t use facial recognition software either!

More than 300,000 illegal aliens crossed over the US border on Biden’s open border invitation in December, according to Customs and Border Protection.

Meanwhile, our federal government is more interested in prosecuting peaceful Americans who attended the January 6 protest in Washington, DC, than securing the border and stopping terrorism by foreign radicals.

After waiting for over ten minutes on hold with Homeland Security’s tip line, Bergquam was told that he did not have enough information — to report a terrorist!

The tip line agent said he “cannot process the report” without the name, date of birth, and current address of the suspected terror threat.

After Bergquam told the agent that the potential terrorist had already been released into the United States and that he had video footage of the suspect’s face, the agent responded, “We don’t accept [that] type of information.”

When Bergquam began to ask how they could deal with illegal immigrants who lie and “give us a false name,” he was cut off and again told the report could not be processed without the previously mentioned information. They’re not going to even try to figure it out or flag the suspect’s facial image as a suspected terror threat. Instead, that’s Bergquam’s responsibility if he wants to protect his country, according to the so-called Department of Homeland Security.

“that’s your guys’ job, not my job! That’s terrible,” exclaimed Bergquam before telling DHS he would try to track down this possible terrorist. This same guy was processed and transported deeper into the United States by the same people who now say they can not possibly find him.

“Can’t you go with the date that he was processed and use [facial recognition]?” asked Bergquam, but the agent responded, “I don’t have precise information. All I have is a pen and paper and a computer to write on.”

This is unbelievable! The agent didn’t even appear to take down any information that Ben gave him so that an investigation could be opened. He also did not ask for the video footage, which, as Ben suggested, could be cross-referenced with the processing date and footage from the Border Patrol checkpoint!

Our “law enforcement” and intel agencies must be too busy compiling evidence against and spying on the tens of thousands of peaceful and law-abiding citizens who are now being targeted for protesting outside of the US Capitol, as DC US Attorney Matthew Graves told reporters last week.

After the phone call, Bergquam provided the following commentary:

BERGQUAM: That’s insane, guys! That’s Homeland Security! I’m not making this up. I got an email from a guy I interviewed, who said he was with [somebody] who admitted to being a terrorist, providing a fake name to Homeland Security when he turned himself in after crossing illegally. I just jumped through an hour of hoops, called two different Border Patrol sectors, and they gave me Homeland Security’s number, tip line. I just called the tip line. You just heard it. That’s what they told me; unless I have the guy’s—I had his first name—and I have a video, a 20 second video of his face. Unless I have his first and last name, his date of birth and where he’s living NOW, they can’t even make the report. What? That is the state of Homeland Security in America today. I’m surprised he didn’t ask me for his pronouns. Holy sh*t. Oh Lord, help us.

Watch below:

Bergquam shared the video on X, commenting,

If you thought that interview yesterday was bad, you won’t believe this. *This is not a joke. And I am posting this in the hopes that it helps make our country safer, because after my experience yesterday, I’m even more concerned!

I received what I believe to be a credible tip on a potential terror suspect that has come across our border and spent an hour and a half yesterday trying to get somebody to investigate it. This is part of my phone call with Border Patrol who suggested I contact the Department of Homeland Security tip line. I truly could not believe what I was told!

Not only are Joe Biden, and the Democrats allowing our country to be invaded, this is how incompetent the process for reporting potential threats is. I guess when your priority is advancing DEI, and attacking January 6 patriots I shouldn’t be surprised. We desperately need to get people in charge of this country that put this country first again.

I did finally get a congressional office and a different agency to take it seriously and have passed the information on. The only thing I can’t help but think is how many more have gotten through, and we have no idea who or where they are! Pray for our country and getting involved to help save it. #Trump2024 #SaveAmerica

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