Australian MSM eating their words over Trump –


From ABC

The 2024 race has officially begun with former US president Donald Trump winning a landslide victory in the Iowa caucuses.

US networks started calling it for Trump just 31 minutes after the process began.

Primary season is all about collecting the highest number of delegates in as many states as possible to clinch the party nomination.

The winner then goes head-to-head with the Democratic nominee for the White House, which this year is likely to be the sitting US President Joe Biden.

Iowa comes with a small number of delegates for the winner — just 40 out of the 1,215 needed to secure the nomination.

But the caucuses have taken on huge symbolic significance because it’s the first litmus test of a candidate’s viability.

Main Stream Media can now suffer in silence. Of course Trump will win the overall nomination because his scrutineers are wide awake to the large scale fraud committed by the Democrats at the 2020 election, which is far from finished in US courts.

When Trump can average more than 80,000 supporters at rallies across America and Biden gets 2000 how does the skewed media think Biden can get re-elected even if he does stand?

2024 Iowa GOP Caucus

Donald Trump wins. AP race call at 11:31 a.m. on Jan. 16, 2024.

Donald TrumpGOP 56,260 51.0%
Ron DeSantisGOP 23,420 21.2%
Nikki HaleyGOP 21,085 19.1%
Vivek RamaswamyGOP 8,449 7.7%
Ryan BinkleyGOP 774 0.7%


Jan 16, 2024, 4:55 PM

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